Computer Simulations

Animated Computer Simulations
For large projects we can provide animated computer simulations, which are basically videos of a community's future visualization. This type of imagery is effective in moving through an urban space and providing unlimited angles to a given image. It is highly effective in showing the movements of people and urban systems such as transit lines. Animated computer simulations are extremely effective in emotionally engaging people, which can help convey ideas in a powerful fashion.

Non-Animated Computer Simulations (Still Images)
A mainstay of our visualization services is the generation of still-image simulations that show the "before and after" scenarios of proposed urban design projects. Typically we combine photo-manipulation techniques with 3-D modeling to create such images. In addition to simple "Before & After" images, we also strongly encourage the use of multiple "After" images, so that communities can compare various future scenarios. We also have the ability to produce a series of images to show incremental development stages of a given project.